"Jerusalem Trilogy is his most ambitious offering, at the crossroads of different musical worlds: classical, jazz, and World music, all with a level of technique and sophistication that puts him in his own class... in short, a very wide sound palette, at the service of completely unbridled creativity. It is a pleasure to listen to."
Radio-Canada Sherbrooke

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December 14, 2015 - MHT presented by Lyric Chamber Music Society, NYC


I'm featured as performer and composer on violinist extraordinaire Lara St. John's brand new album, Shiksa, and our first review is in! I've posted it in full on the Press page, but you can click here to read it on the reviewer's website.

My new album, Bach XXI, is now available worldwide! Featuring my jazz trio with internationally acclaimed violinist Philippe Quint, it's a modern, progressive interpretation of Bach's music, while being deeply rooted in the original pieces. Here are some videos from our live performance on WQXR radio in New York City, as well as a link to the full interview of myself and Philippe with WQXR's Terrance McKnight:

Prelude from Cello Suite no. 1 in G Major

Double Violin Concerto in D minor: Vivace

 Aria from Goldberg Variations

Here's a link to the full interview of myself and Philippe with WQXR's Terrance McKnight:


I'd like to share with you a recent customer review on Amazon, something I've never done before, but in this case I was quite moved by what he wrote; a validation of the open-mindedness of Bach aficionados (which I never doubted:)

"I was suspicious of this release. Bach is Bach- don't touch the genius. I am also not a big fan of jazz. This CD completely converted me into believing otherwise. Mr.Herskowitz's arrangements are brilliant and sublime. I was completely addicted starting from the Cello Prelude - followed by ( as they describe) a whole hybrid of sound that I struggled to pin down as any particular style. Somehow a bit of everything but it works. Quint does a great job here... I heard him once before playing Sibelius and he blew me away with his artistry. I hope these guys record more CD's together! 5 stars"

Click here to purchase Bach XXI on itunes

Click here to purchase Bach XXI on Amazon

My concert at the Montreal International Jazz Festival this past July 5th, Piano Chameleons with Oliver Jones and Julie Lamontagne, was a blast, and huge success! It was a full house at the Monument National, the pianos were fabulous Steinways, and the vibe was great. CBC was there to take some video, hopefully I'll be able to post something on here soon. Pour ceux qui parle français, voici le lien d'une critique du concert: http://rreverb.com/oliver-jones-pianos-cameleons-festival-de-jazz/

I'm featured on two brand new recordings in Canada: one is the Richard-Lipsky-Herskowitz Trio, with flutist François Richard and violinist Helmut Lipsky, Azimuth, featuring our original compositions and arrangements in pure hybrid-crossover jazz/classical style. I've just been informed that this disc has been nominated for a Félix for Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the year! Here's a link to a review of the album in le Devoir, in French, pour mes amis francophone: Azimuth

The other is my appearance as guest soloist with Buzz Brass on their album Preludes and Rhapsodies. I perform Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with them, as well as his 3 Preludes, originally for piano solo and arranged for the group. The arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue for piano and brass quintet is reminiscent of the original big band version of the piece, and as someone who's been playing this piece all his life, I can say it's quite refreshing to hear! Here's a link to this program on their website:   

Preludes and Rhapsodies

As well, my new album with violinist Lara St. John, Shicksa, is now in the can, and will be released in early November - it's turning out to be a big year for albums for me! The recording features original compositions and arrangements of Eastern European folk songs, and includes one of my own compositions which Lara commissioned for the project, Nagilara, based on the famous Jewish folk song, Hava Nagila. I can honestly say I've never heard anything quite like this, so I'm really looking forward to its release!   Lara also produced three incredible videos which I'm in, and I will post links for those as soon as they're released.