In the completely packed Kamani auditorium, pianist Matt Herskowitz started the concert with an original composition which he had written for a musical theatre production. The lilting musical notes created an image of a girl standing all alone, crying and calling her lover to return. It was the best start for the evening which was followed by Indian compositions.
Deccan Herald, New Delhi, India

Next Show

September 18, 2014 - Solo concert in Alliance, OH

It's official! : my musical theatre show, Bella: the Colour of Love, about the life of Bella Chagall, muse, manager, publicist and great love of famed artist Marc Chagall, will be presented for a 3-week run at the Harold Greene theatre in Toronto this October! The run will be from October 13th to November 3rd.

I've added a little promotional video from Live On Stage on the Videos page, who is representing me for bookings for their 2014-15 season - short and sweet!

My musical theatre production with co-writer/lyricist Theresa Tova, Bella, the Colour of Love, based on the lives of Bella and Marc Chagall, was a huge hit at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia this past October! This was the premier of the full, revamped 2-act version with our new director, the legendary Danny Grossman. 

New review of my performance at the Xerox Rochester Jazz Festival last week - see full review on the Press page

Review of Upstairs in Downbeat magazine's Editor's Picks! You can read the full review on the Press page.   

MattHerskowitzUpstairscover Matt Herskowitz Upstairs has already received numerous glowing reviews from the US! You can read some of them on the Press page (just click on the tab to the left). In the US you can also order this CD online worldwide through Justin Time Recordsitunesamazon and many other online retailers, as well at any record stores that still exist. In Canada it's available online as well at all retail record stores, including HMV, Archambault, Renaud-Bray and Grigorian.